Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kim-Jong Eun's brain

It's hard to know how Kim-Jong Un will react to his new role. Indeed, his brain might not be quite ready for having access to the nuclear button, as I told the Washington Post.

Considering his father's absolute power, it's quite possible that the younger Kim has had little or no significant stress in his early childhood. This is a bad thing, as we wrote in Welcome To Your Child's Brain. Small, manageable stresses in a child's life build his capacity to deal with large stresses in adulthood...such as staying calm in a faceoff with the West.

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Jesse Romine said...

HAHA, well-What a unique way to look at the psychology of man. I would only assume that the " Absolute Power" that has been granted to him would include a set of peers that could help in his decision making.

Now i wonder about the envy of his peers and how they would either decrease or increase motivation of the nuclear button initiative.

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