Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sandra on CNN re early education

This morning on CNN's Your Bottom Line (10am ET), Sandra, Nick Kristof, and an NYU education professor talk about redshirting and early-life education. Tune in!

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Two-sixths of a rabbi said...

I was interested in this piece and wondered what the data show for withholding kids from kindergarten entirely, and homeschooling them?

As I have aged, I've grown uninspired by what passes for education in our country -- even in "good" school distracts like mine. How can teaching a class of 25-30 kids and one teacher really be the most efficient way of educating kids? How much time is lost in social dynamics? Yet, I also was raised with the belief that homeschooling was the terrain of religious wackos, who simply produced socially awkward kids.

I'd like to know what evidence might really be out there, to examine this either way.