Thursday, November 12, 2009

TEDxSF talk - neuroscience and willpower

I'll be coming to San Francisco next Tuesday for TEDxSF, a spinoff of the famous TED conference. It's at the California Academy of Sciences. Mayor Gavin Newsom will launch the event. The event will be LiveStreamed - tune in around 4:00pm Pacific. I'm on a little after 4:30pm to talk about the neuroscience of willpower.

Others on the docket: cellist Zoƫ Keating, planetarium guru Ryan Wyatt, and many more. It's a sold out show! Check it out at

Update: for the talk click here or watch below:

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4whirledpeas said...

On the topic of early childhood and strengthening concentration and attention, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, author of Flow: the Psychology of Optimal Experience, has done research in Montessori classrooms. He has found a positive correlation between the Montessori environment and the "flow" experiences. Self control is the hallmark of Montessori pedagogy. Angeline Stoll-Lillard has also done research demonstrating the benefits of Montessori on the measures you suggest (self discipline, attention, etc,)

East Dallas Community Schools are Montessori schools serving mostly socially economically disadvantaged families. EDCS is the recipients of the 2011 Psychoanalytic Award. In regards to addressing the stresses of poverty, I think that Montessori experiences offer a "chocolate chip cookie" to children who would otherwise get only radishes in life... while also providing the sensory and vestibular stimulation necessary for healthy development. : D