Thursday, November 12, 2009

TEDxSF talk - neuroscience and willpower

I'll be coming to San Francisco next Tuesday for TEDxSF, a spinoff of the famous TED conference. It's at the California Academy of Sciences. Mayor Gavin Newsom will launch the event. The event will be LiveStreamed - tune in around 4:00pm Pacific. I'm on a little after 4:30pm to talk about the neuroscience of willpower.

Others on the docket: cellist Zoƫ Keating, planetarium guru Ryan Wyatt, and many more. It's a sold out show! Check it out at

Update: for the talk click here or watch below:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Neuroscience experiments at home!

This is interesting: a startup company to let you make neurophysiological recordings at home. From, among other things...cockroaches. Wow and eww! And here's some news about their debut at the Society for Neuroscience meeting and first sale here.