Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Big in Amsterdam?

Our book's coming out this week in the Netherlands: Het Geheim van je Brein, via Kosmos Uitgevers. Here's an article in Spits, a paper with a circulation of several million. Let me know if it's positive.


KateGladstone said...

In counting left-handed and ambidextrous USA presidents, you left out one:
Thomas Jefferson.
The writing he did with his left hand, several days after breaking his
right wrist in a fall from horseback, appears as clear and proficient as his very clear lifelong right-handed writing -- and even very
similar in style to his right-handed writing.
I have seen samples of
Jefferson's left- and right-handed writing during a tour of the museum built to Jefferson at his plantation Monticello.

Frank Blaakmeer said...

The article in 'Spits' focusses on the myths you debunk in the book. It is not a review in the proper sense, because there is no explicit verdict on the value of the book. Newspapers like 'Spits', which is distributed for free at train stations etc, don't do reviewing. The Dutch reader however will get the impression that your book is very important, so it's great free advertisment.

Frank Blaakmeer said...

By the way: I read your every day. Great work!