Sunday, April 20, 2008

We're #1 - again

Our second New York Times op-ed has hit the top of the charts - just like the first one. We recently hit #1 most-emailed article of the last 30 days. We were waiting for some older piece to drop off the charts. What was that piece about? Oh, yes, Barack Obama's speech on race in America. Well...all right, maybe that's more important.

At the same time, my recent article on autism in USA Today has inspired a lot of reaction, both positive and negative. A response to those comments is called for, and I'll get to it quite soon.


Unknown said...

Congratulations Sam & Sandra for the #1 spot! (again)

One quick question though, when will the book be out in Swedish? :)

Tack så mycket,

Sam Wang said...

Hi Keith - yes, we have a Swedish translator, Natur och Kultur (Nature and Culture). We don't know yet when the translation will come out. You could ask them. Tack!